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1 Loading the motorbikes.jpg
The Bike FerryHere is a very practical solution to the problem of getting bicycles across a river!
2 Carrying bricks.jpg
Man carrying bricks on this headBricks are perhaps the most important building material in Bangladesh. The majority of the country is an alluvial floodplain, with soil perfect for making bricks. It is not uncommon to see construction workers carrying heavy brick loads or buckets of sand or cement on their heads with the assistance of a flat hat which helps the load stay balanced.
A school/cyclone shelter in NoakhaliNoakhali is a coastal area in Southern Bangladesh. Every few years, cyclones occur in the Bay of Bengal and do massive damage to the Noakhali area. Hundreds of thousands of people died in a 1970 cyclone, and tens of thousands more in 1991. To help reduce the risk of cyclone catastrophes, elevated cyclone shelters have been built at schools in these areas. The regular single-story school building is shown on the right, while the newer cyclone shelter/classroom is in the background.
Paddy fieldThe paddy field is not flooded -- the amount of water on the rice is carefully controlled through irrigation. In some places, water is pumped to cover the rice field, while the same effect is realized by landscaping and terracing in other areas.
A road
Another rice paddy
A boat along a river bank
My Community 064.jpg
SteamersThese larger boats are called steamers. They have diesel engines and can make voyages not only along rivers, but out into the Bay of Bengal (for instance, to some of the islands off the coast of Bangladesh).
TPD2 051x.jpg
PumpkinsIn the foreground, a rickshaw "van" use to transport materials to and from market. These pumpkins are piled in front of a bazaar vegetable stand.
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