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Welcome to Connect Bangladesh! Print E-mail

Relief International’s project, the Global Connections and Exchange Program-Bangladesh promotes integration of technology into Bangladeshi schools, including teacher capacity development in terms of both technical skills and teaching methodology. The program's main goals are to increase global dialogue and educational opportunities by installing modern computer equipment with Internet access in schools, and to develop training and learning projects for teachers and students. The GCEP is designed to promote equity of access to technology in a region lacking technological resources and enabling infrastructure. The Internet Learning Centers, set up in secondary schools and madrasas (religious schools) under the program, have emerged as a community resource, and are managed as a community asset.

For more information on other RI projects in Bangladesh please visit: RI projects in Bangladesh
To learn more about RI's global operations, please visit RI homepage at www.ri.org

Scene from an ILC in Bangladesh(Podcast)

Read or download the latest brochure on RI-SOL's school based telecenter project in Bangladesh (PDF version)

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US-Bangladesh Teacher Conference Held at American Corner in Chittagong NEW!

Relief International has successfully accomplished the 2 days long conference on "US-Bangladesh Teacher Conference" at the American Corner in Chittagong. The conference was held from 23rd to 24th April. In total 18 teachers from 10 schools in Chittagong and 2 schools in USA participated at the conference. The theme of the conference was the application of 21st century teaching and learning approaches in the classroom. The main goal of the conference was to introduce the 21st century teaching approaches to the participants and develop a student-centered environment in the classroom. (Update on 27 April 2010)Read More

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop held at Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys’ High School NEW!

Relief International organized a two days long Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop for the students of Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys’ High School on 30th March 2010. Twenty students from the GCE affiliated schools Rani Bilashmoni Govt. Boys’ High School and Joydevpur Girls’ High School participated in this workshop. The main goal of the workshop was to create awareness among the youth people about the challenges of 21st century’s business skills. This workshop helped the young students to learn about prospects, challenges and barrier in starting business, develop their business skills and knowledge.(Update on 18 April 2010)Read More

RI-Intel Principal Awareness Workshop Organized at American Corner in Chittagong NEW!

Relief International, in collaboration with US Department of State and Intel, organized a Principal Awareness Workshop at the American Corner in Chittagong on 1st April 2010. 9 principals from the madrassas and schools affiliated with the GCE network participated in this workshop, and their enthusiasm and keen interest fuelled the success of it. The two hour session was conducted by Senior Trainer Ms. Bazgha Iftekhar of Intel Education Initiative.

The workshop was held to promote awareness about the importance of integrating 21st century skills in today’s classrooms. According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Education and Cultural Affairs Bureau of US Department of State, Relief International and Intel, the GCE affiliated schools and madrassas in Bangladesh will receive trainings on incorporating 21st century skills and new pedagogy into their academic curriculum.(Update on 07 April 2010)Read More

Bangladeshi Students Learn Culture of USA through International Box Exchange Project. NEW!

The air was heavy with anticipation when students of the GCE schools Halishahar Munshipara High School and Chittagong Steel Mills High School in Chittagong received the Exchange Box from Wichita Collegiate School, their partner school in US. After weeks of correspondence with their US counterparts, they finally received the box from US which carried all sorts of souvenirs from US. This box exchange, which is part of a collaborative project between US and Bangladeshi schools, contains various items which depict the American culture and way of life. Bangladeshi students received various types of souvenirs from their peers- ranging from empty Starbucks packs to replica flags of USA to letters and candy and many more. (Update on 24 March 2010)Read More

International Women's Day 2010: US and Bangladeshi Students Engage in Video Conference NEW!

International Women’s Day (IWD) is March 8, 2010, and it celebrates the economic, political, and social achievements of women around the world. In some countries this annual event is a national holiday, marking a day to reflect on the contributions of women in society. In other countries, women celebrate IWD with political engagement, protesting to attain various rights for women. Some of these events have been captured in photos that can be found on the IWD website: http://www.internationalwomensday.com/media/, and vividly illustrate the spirit of IWD.(Update on 21 March 2010)Read More

Students of Waterloo Junior High School in USA and Chowara Girls’ High School in Comilla Engage in Video Conference NEW!

On 10th March 2010, In celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the GCE students of Chowara Girls’ High School in Comilla and their peers at Waterloo Junior High School in USA engaged in an hour long video conference where they exchanged many important questions on ‘Status of Women’ in each other’s countries. Not only students and teachers, but also parents of the participating students were present at this event, making it all the more exciting. In true GCE form, students had taken all preparations prior to the event. They had exchanged questions earlier via email and looked up the respective answers, which greatly facilitated the event.

It was a memorable experience for all who were present.(Update on 210 March 2010)Read More

Technology Volunteer Corps (TVC) Training at Comilla NEW!

Relief International completed a 2 days long training program on "Technology Volunteer Corps Training 2010" on 27th and 28th February 2010 at the Internet Learning Center (ILC) in Yusuf Multipurpose Technical High School, Comilla under the Global Connections and Exchange Program (GCEP). In total there were 18 participants comprising of students, teachers and community users from Yusuf Multipurpose Technical High School, Chowara Girls' High School and Soilorani Girls' High School in Comilla district. The main goal of the training was to empower students and community member with necessary ICT skills so they are better prepared to support their ILC and sustain the GCE activities in their communities.(Update on 02 March 2010)Read More

GCE Students Participate in Webchat on Interfaith Dialogue NEW!

On the 27th of January 2010, Ms. Zeenat Rahman of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, U.S.A. and Ms. Anggita (Gita) Paramesti, a student at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, engaged in an online web conference with students all over the world to discuss the recently concluded Interfaith Dialogue held in Jakarta. The web chat was organized by the US Department of State, and many students associated with the GCE program in Bangladesh enthusiastically participated in this web chat where they put forth their queries and discussed many important issues related to interfaith dialogue. (Update on 24 February 2010)Read More

US Under Secretary for Public Affairs Speaks to Bangladeshi Students and Teachers through Web Conference NEW!

The US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Judith A. McHale, was present as a guest speaker for a web conference hosted by Relief International-Schools Online’s Bangladesh Country Office on 8th February 2010. The one hour long web conference, jointly organized by the Relief International and Education and Cultural Affairs Bureau of US Department of State under the Global Connections and Exchange Program, focused on the Status of Women in USA. Joe Mellott, Andrew Cedar and Corley Kenna -- three other members of the delegation -- were present during the web conference. Director of the American Centre, Dhaka, Lauren Lovelace, Public Affairs Officer of the American Center, Catherine Hallock , and another representative of the American Center, Harvey Sernovitz ,were also present at the event.(Update on 10 February 2010)Read More

New York Teacher Collaborates With Bangladeshi Teacher on Math Projects NEW!

The 21st century skills and ideas have indeed changed the way classrooms function, putting an exciting spin on the entire process of learning.GCE students is now solving math projects by coordinating with their peers living all the way across the globe at New York. Ms. Carol Harvey teaches Mathematics at the St. Thomas the Apostle School, New York, USA to students of the 7th grade, and she is now to collaborate on a global project with Mr. Shahjahan Chowdhury from Chittagong Steel Mills High School, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Ms. Harvey will soon be starting up a scale drawing/model project with her students, while Mr. Chowdhury will carry on the same project with his students here in Bangladesh.(Update on 20 January 2010)Read More

Teacher Professional Development Training NEW!
Intel Teach Program-Getting Started Course

On 4th January, 2010, a training program on “Teacher Professional Development Training, Intel Teach Program-Getting Started Course” was held at the Internet Learning Center of Rani Bilashmoni Govt. Boys High School in Gazipur. This training for their school teachers, organized in association with Relief International –Schools Online and Intel, was a four days long training program from 4th to 7th January, 2010. 8 teachers in total participated in the training.The main goal of the training program was to train the teachers on the use and integration of 21st century skills and ICT in today’s classrooms, and on adoption of a more student centric approach in education. The main contents of the training were identifying 21st century skills, comparing classrooms of today with classrooms of tomorrow, higher-order thinking, promoting collaboration, accepting change, facilitating learning and tools of ICT.(Update on 19 January 2010)Read More

ICT & Youth Leadership Grant 2010NEW!

Relief International is pleased to invite applications from the Bangladeshi youth (12 to 18 years old) to participate in the ICT and Youth Leadership Grant competition 2010. The grant competition is a part of Global Connections and Exchange Program-Bangladesh.

The GCE is a project of Relief International, which has set up internet enabled computer centers in Bangladesh to facilitate ICT based education and cross cultural projects for students, teachers and communities. In addition to promoting mutual understanding and enduring ties among schools, teachers and students across borders, GCE programs empowers communities with access to information, exposure to ICT and opportunities for participation in public life.(Update on 03 January 2010)Read More

RI- SOL Team Conducts Intel Master Trainers’ Training

10 teachers affiliated with the GCEP network participated in the Intel Master Trainers’ Training held at TARC, Gazipur and what a training it was! Enthusiasm and energy levels ran high as Relief International- Schools Online staff conducted the 4 days long training in accordance with the MoU signed between Relief International- Schools Online, US State Department and Intel Corp. Teachers exhibited unadulterated excitement and willingness to grasp the concepts being taught, and the entire session far surpassed the expectations of all the stakeholders.(Update on 30 October 2009)Read More

Intel Teach Training held in Dhaka to promote 21st Century Skills in Bangladesh

Intel Bangladesh and Relief International-Schools Online together implemented an Intel Teach program held at Bangladesh Computer Council in Dhaka from August 30th 2009 till September 2, 2009. The program, titled Senior Trainers’ Training, was a four day long workshop on developing trainers’ skills on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and how it can be incorporated into the teaching curriculum. Nine of RI SOL’s ICT and Education trainers participated in the training while Erum Faisal, Senior Trainer of Intel Pakistan worked as a trainer for the program. The workshop consisted of rigorous training sessions over the four days where the Intel trained the participants on the core principles of teaching 21st century skills.(Update on 08 September 2009)Read More

Launch of the RI-SOL English Language Clubs in Bangladeshi Schools.

Keeping in mind the growing demand of English as the language of opportunity in the modern era and its contribution to meet growing demands of the 21st century, Relief International Schools Online has launched its new initiative namely The English Language Clubs across the schools in the Global Connection and Exchange Program (GCEP). The objective behind forming this club is to stimulate students' interest in the English language skills to empower them to communicate fluently and effectively and provide a platform for students to learn and enhance their skill in the four basic aspects of English language: READING, WRITING, SPEAKING and LISTENING thereby improving their performance and potential.(Update on 10 February 2009) Read More

Podcast: Scenes from a Bangladeshi Telecentre


Check out Andy Carvin's video montage of a RI-SOL telecenter based in Chowara Girls School at Comilla from this link:

- http://mefeedia.com/entry/117012/ (opens new window)


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