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The GLOBE program is a science program for secondary school students around the world. While the project will promote science education in Bangladesh it will also contribute to the GCEP by increasing cross cultural understanding. The project was partially implemented by the Government of Bangladesh few years back.

The activities under the project will cover mainly on science programs as well as cultural and societal issues and will touch mainly more on science related contents. There will be a number of web based collaborative projects with lesson plans in order to implement the GLOBE protocols that will include the umbrella on global environment including forestry, conservation, weather prediction, disaster mitigation, global warming and echo tourism. Since many of these topics have international implications, it would be very interesting to see the difference in GLOBE data in perspective between first and developing world students.

GLOBE Project focuses on Water Pollution

GLOBE project focuses on environmental problem and scientific observation or test of the students’ own local area through which students will be aware of the environmental issues of their own local area as well as country and the world. Another important part of this project is to share their findings with the other students of national and international through participating online forum.

In February 2008, the GLOBE project undertook a project focused on water pollution in Bangladesh. Students from selected four schools in Bangladesh participated in online and offline activities of the project.

The students from the following four schools participated in the February project:

Uttar Badda Islamia Kamil Madrassa, Dhaka
British American technical Management Institute, Gazipur
Rani Bilasmoni Govt. Boys’ High School, Gazipur
Yousuf Multipurpose Technical High School, Comilla.

With the leadership of GLOBE Lead Teacher students undertook a number of activities including collection of sample water from various water bodies and preserved them in school science lab. The students found that the water collected from ponds and river was contaminated by various particles such as silicon and zooplankton. The students observed that water collected from tube well contains least amount of particle and suitable for drinking.

Through the project the participating students learned about the sources of waters in their communities and shared their thoughts about impacts of using polluted water. They posted their comments on the project activities and results on the GLOBE online forum. As part of the project, the GLOBE students also shared their project experience with their teachers and community members to raise awareness about water pollution.

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