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Collaborative projects are a central activity in the Global Connections and Exchange Programme. Through these projects, students in one location cooperate with students from other locations -- another city, or even another country -- and learn what life is like in that location.

Most of these projects use technology, particularly the internet, to "virtually" eliminate the distance between schools. In most of these projects, students on both ends of the collaboration produce some tangible product such as a slide show, a series of web pages, an essay, artwork, or other media. Then, both groups exchange their products, and discuss the project. Often, we use forums to conduct these discussions.

We have collected student projects here, to allow students to see what other students have made, and to promote discussion between the schools. Keep in mind that these are student projects -- while teachers and mentors have assisted with the projects, we have taken pains to avoid altering what the students have produced. We believe it is important to show the lessons as the students made them, rather than according to our tastes. In this way, we hope to avoid introducing our own cultural biases into the projects.

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