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This section is designed for use by teachers and RI-SOL teaching staff in Bangladesh and our partner countries.  Some of the material has been developed in our Los Angeles Office, some in our Dhaka Office and some by teachers who have completed TPD training.   Most of the material is available in both English and Bangla, although some English-intensive projects are written only in English.

Lessons:  These are our monthly modules, arranged in the order of implementation.  We try to post new modules about a month in advance.  You can also look through the old modules to get ideas.  Sometimes we re-use certain modules.  For example, my_community will be run every year for new schools joining the project. 

Schools Online:  The Schools Online website has a number materials -- practical information about running internet learning centers and integrating technology into lessons, plus some reference material.

Portals:  Education Portals specifically designed for collaborative online projects, intercultural learning, youth activism and promoting use of ICT in schools.

Links:  Web links useful to teachers.

If you want to post new materials to this section or submit lesson plans for review, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it