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                    Yusuf M.T High School,Comilla.

                                          WHERE WE LEARN          



                                                 Picture of our school

Every man have a place where he learn. We have also a place for learn .it’s called school. From school we can earn more and more knowledge. A school is a store house of knowledge. Without the help of school we can’t learn anything . So we can say that a school is a media of learning and we learn from there with hard work.

         The name of our school is Yusuf M.T. high school. It was found by late  NOWAB ALI- NOBAB CHOWDHURY in 1879 . He was a ZAMINDER at that time. Our school stands at the north of NANUA DIGHI  and south of RAJGONG BAZAR which is located at  the center of Comilla town. There  is a big playground, a  hostel, a science laboratory, a library, a prayer room and an Internet Learning Center (ILC)   in our school .

                                                     Headmaster of our school : Mr .Md.Abdul Gafur

Every year in January students get admitted  here by an interview from one to nine . There are 24 teachers, 2 clerks, 4 M.L.S.S. 700 students in our school. Regularly 500 students are present.

         In 1978 a student of this school  named  ABU SAHID Md .ISRAIL  passed the s.s.c, examination and was placed in the first position from Comilla board.

                                                       Office room

Our school  is an ideal school. In our school every student are Gentle and polite . They always maintain discipline .For a long period of 126 years  Only five  Headmasters run this school .

Where we live


                                                                Map of comilla

           We live in  comilla.  It is in the division of Chittagong between of six Division  in Bangladesh.  Total  area of comilla  is 3085  square kilometer. India-Bangladesh  border is in the east of comilla.  Chandpur  is in the west. Brahnanbaria is in the north and feni is in the south.  The geographical Scenery of comilla is very charming.  It is situated on the  bank  of gomuti .There is no remarkable in the comilla besides that. There are many ponds, deghi ,And large water area. Remarkable of them some are rain deghi, nanoa deghi ,Ram sager, drama sager and ojir deghi are particularly important. There are a  Lot of trees  in comilla.  For these trees, the weather of comilla is very cold and breeze.  To the north of comilla where border, there are many hilly area And many hill. In the hilly area there are many beautiful trees. To the north of Comilla lalmai paher is situated. It has created the natural scenery of comilla .The color of ground is red. This hill is not so high . Approntimatey 35-40 meters High . in the history of  lalmai paher salban Bihar is famous. There are many Forest and  trees around the comilla .the weather of comilla is not  very hot or Cold .there are 6 seasons in comilla .those are summer ,rainy season,  attum,Late attum, winter and spring. Two bangla month makes  a season .there are twelve month in a  year. Those are baishak, jaistha, asur, sraban ,badrah, ashin,Kartik, agrahan, posh , magh, falgun, and chaitra. In the summer season the Temperature is 28- 33 Celsius.  And the winter the temperature is 10-15 Celsius.In the rainy season heavy rain fall comes. sometimes  for a lot of rain water Flood is our accompany.  Comilla is the other main  town of Bangladesh .total population of this district are 48,11,000 ( approximately ) . most of them are Service holder.  Some are teacher; some are government service holder, and someOf them is business man.  In those 65%-70%  people lives in town. Another30%-35% people lives in village. most of them are farmer. At-last this district is a nice please.

               What we do

           One  of the  most  famous  cloth  in  Comilla  and  whole  Bangladesh  is  ‘khadi’.


                                                             Shop of khadi product   

           It is called  khadi , because its  threads are called off by  ‘charka’ a special  typewhich is famous for khadi products.  Its factory sitnaled on chandina at comilla khadi cloth are mode according to the dimands of customer. This cloth is so famous that it is also exported to foreign countries . some famous khadi products are :Lungi fatowa ,Bed sheet ,shirt ; gamsa panjabi e.t.c. Uavers gets anarage 20%profit by making   khadi products Comilla is a big city and most of its population are literated . They are middle class and lower class family . Their proffesion are service holder , farmer , rikshaw driver ,business man etc. Most of them lives in villages .Many of our village’s population are poor .They works on paddy field . Theirchildens does not reads in school .As they are poor , they works  in paddy field ,fatory  for earn money.Begides this , those lives in town , are litarated . They are service holders and drsiress man . They work in office, Bank ,court etc. Their carning  sovree is better.

                           OUR HISTORY


           Comilla is an old and traditional  district. It is one of the district of Bangladesh. It was independent at 8 December1971.It is famous for  toughed meritious and Ancient Cottages.

            The nomenclature  of comilla has many difference of opinion .  it’s old name was Tripura . the king of east bangle purna Chandra was founded a kingdom in the lalmi hills . in this time  drudian kwoling saw founded a kingdom in this region named was Kamalagka .  Conception the birth of comilla from Kamalagka .

             Comilla has many historical and visible things . Maynamati  hills , shalban bihar , ANANDA bihar , Shahsuja mosque , rani khutir , dharma sagar  , victorya college sritishud   , Comilla Cantanment, Comilla Zoo, Charch, Jaganat bari mandir, Satera ratna mandir, Sree,sree kali bari .



                       Town hall                                                                                            Maynamati is a historical  place situated  near Comilla town. It is named by the Queen  Maynamati was  the wife of  MANIKA CHANDRA. Here found the symbol of old politeness. 


                                                                     Shalban  bihar

          Ananda Bihar is  5 miles  away from  Comilla town . It was  built  by King  Ananda Dev  at 7or 8 B.C.   It  is famous because it is the best  Bothdo  Bihar of  BANGLADESH  at this  time .  At second world war  British army were stay here .

                            It  was  founded  by  DR . NIZAM  UDDIN  AHAMED  at 1992 . It  was  founded  because  in  1971  many   students  ,  teachers   and   many  worker  were  died   in  the  war  . Shalban  behar  :  Shalban  bihar was  build  at  8 b.c  by Maharaja diraj bab deb .

             Rani Khutir was build at 1458 by Bir Bikram Dharma Manikkya Bahadur . He made it forhim . When hecome for tax from Tripura he stay here  115 rooms . Here were found 8 copper inscription , 18 gold coin older days weapon,coin, ornaments.


                   Front side                                                 Founder of Rani kutir

                                                        Rani  Kutir :  

                Dharma Sagar  was dug by Dharma Manikkya Bahadur  at 1458 .He dug it for need of water for people .


                                                                Dharma Sagar :

                  We have a famous mosque which name is  SHAH SUJA Mosque . It was founded by late BADSHA SHAH SUJA in  1658 A.C. It has 4 gombuj,12 minars .


                                                  SHAH SUJA  MOSQUE         


                                                       Our Media

             Generally  we  publish  news  through  T.V. Radio, Internet . Now  we  can  get news newly established ILC in our school.The  newspaper  of  comilla  are  Banglaaluran, Rapasybangle , Amader  shymoy . Witlay  newspapers  is  Comilla  Kagaz  established  March 2005 .


                                                                Comillar Kagaz

                  The editor  of  the Comilla  Kagas  is  Omar Faruq(Tapas)  and  Assistant  editor  is  Kazi  MD. Alamgir. Besides  this, there  is  a  Radio  relay station  it  established  of  8th  March  in 1998.Comilla’s  all  news  give  me  very  charming .All  news  of   Comilla  published  here. This  newspapers many  time  give  some  magazine. The  Comilla Kagas  always  give  very  danger news. There  are  many  newspapers .The  daily  newspapers  give  very  knowledge .This media  is  very  helpful  all  the  members.

                      MEET OUR CLASS


                                                       Class room

             WE   read in class eight   . Our class room is very nice .There are 64 student in our class. Our class teacher name is  Anil chakrabarti he teaches us english very well.  Our class ovtain hours daily  and 6 dates per week.  Subash teaches us math , MS . Chandana chowdury   Teaches us bangla , Nupur madam teaches us science,  Nargis  Madam teaches us social science . All of them are not equal aged .MR. A Anil chakrabarti  is  .55,Chandana chowdury  40, Subash sir  30  AGE .  They teaches us very well .   We obey our teachers. 70%  Student love cricket.  It is very favorite game . Here most of the student are 13-14 aged and came from middle class family

our  culture

           There are four kind of religious people in Comilla  . They are : Muslim ,Hindu , Buddha and Christian . We are bangali . We all Celebrate our bangali occasion 'pahela boishak 'on 1st day of bengali month Boishakh . On pahela Boishakh  we eat a special rice which is called pantha bhat . We eat Pantha bhat with Hilsha fish . Every year is this day Comilla arrange a Boishakhi fair . From this fair we can buy very big fishes and many toys . We enjoy very much this day . We have another Religious program : Eid - ul - Fitre and   Eid - ul - Azha for the Muslim . Durga puja and another puja for the Hindus . Buddha Purnima for the Buddha X-mas day and Pahela Boishak .

            Generally we eat rice with vegetable ,fish ,meat etc . We take rice 3 time in a day. We eat sometime bread . sweetmeat etc . We cannot think without eating rice . 

             We have  holiday in our independence day 26th march , victory day 16th December and 21st february - shahid dibos . We celebrate these days together .

Name of participants :


 Md . Awal sarour




  Md .Harun


  Md Anamol haq


  Palash Khan


  Saton Sarker






  Md . Golam Sarur


  Md .Shiful alam


  Md.Rashed mahmud


  G.M. Nasir Uddin khan


  Abdul azad


  Korshed alam


  Md .Rafiul Alam




  Md .Gulam Sahariar


  Imdadul Haq


  Ananda neogi


  Suman Banik


  Md. Akibul Hasan


  Fahim uddin


  Mangal Mia


  Md shamim